Processing Refunds

Sometimes you need to refund payments to your customers, this is the process you'll need to follow

Processing Refunds

Navigate to Orders and either search for the relevant order by the ID, reference, customer name/email, when it was placed, by the order amount, or by the payment type.

  • Click the 'Edit' button to view the order detail page
  • Click "Order Actions" and select "Refund"

You will see a pop-up that will list the original total, and available amount to refund. Note that you cannot refund more than the original amount.

  • Adjust the "Refund amount" to the required amount if needed. You can refund partial amounts of the total order.
  • Select if you would like the Stock Level to be replenished after the refund e.g. when the product is returned.
  • Select if you would like to notify the customer of the refund by email.
  • Add a reason for the refund - this is an optional box, but may help in future to see any trends.
  • Click the blue "Refund £xx.xx" button.

You will see a Green top banner that confirms the Amount and Method of refund. The refund amount will also be added to the Order Detail page, the Payment Transactions box and Timeline below for future reference.

Finally, the "Partial Refund" or "Refunded" tag will now be attached to the order.

Note: You cannot undo a refund.

Make sure you're refunding the correct Order and Amount