Setting Up A PayPal Account

PayPal Account

To configure your PayPal account with your website head to Settings > Checkout/Payments and select "PayPal".

There are two different options listed below for accepting payments through PayPal.

You can connect with a standard PayPal account, however using this option is not recommended and will redirect your customers away from your shop when they Checkout with PayPal.

You can setup a PayPal Business Account here.

PayPal Express

We recommend you use a PayPal Business account so that you can use PayPal Express. This allows customers to checkout using the “Checkout with PayPal” button still; however, customers won’t leave your site to checkout.

To activate your PayPal Business account:

  1. Go to PayPal Express and click “Activate”.
  2. You will be redirected to PayPal.
  3. Login to your business account and follow the steps to connect your website with PayPal Express.

Paypal Standard

To activate a standard PayPal account simply enter the email address connected with your normal PayPal account and press save.

You can find out more information about PayPal Accounts here