Advanced Product Options

A set of advanced options are available to enhance how you sell your products.

When a customer is viewing a product you can set related items to appear on the same page. For example, if customers are looking at a book by a specific author they will be presented with other titles written by them or more books in the same series.

Upsell Items

When a customer is at the checkout, they may well be interested in items that go well with the one they're buying. For example a nice pair of Formal shoes may well be interesting when a customer is buying a suit or an evening dress.

Click the "Add Upsell Product" button then either select or search for the relevant Upsell product.

To remove the product from the Upsell list, just click the Red 'X' next to it.

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Studies have shown that 70% of consumers look at product reviews before making a purchase! Adding in any reviews you get back from your customers about products is very useful, whether negative or positive.

To add a review you've received from a customer simply start by clicking the "Add New Review" button.

  • Complete the date, star rating and title
  • Select the product being reviewed - just start typing
  • Add the customer's details; their name will show but their email will not.

Note that you must Enable the review, by default it will stay on Awaiting Approval otherwise.

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Unique Shipping

If you have products that require a unique shipping zone, then click + Add New Shipping Zone” and follow the steps here.

Bonus Items

Add digital bonus items (images, PDF booklets, lyrics, videos, etc.) to your product for customers to download with their order. Note that you'll need to Activate the Bonus Items Enhancement first. 

  • Click + Choose File” and select the file from your device.
  • Select the product that you would like the Bonus Item to be connected/attached to.
  • Hit Save” once you have the correct file uploaded.

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Audio Preview

Upload audio track previews to accompany your physical product.

These can only be uploaded in MP3 format and are not downloadable by the customer.

Widget / Button

If you already have a website and want to add a buy button all you need to do is:

  1. Select which style you want this product to display in e.g. Standard, Artwork, Mini or Button.
  2. Copy and paste the embed code into your websites HTML.

For more details on adding buy buttons to other websites click here or product widgets here.

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