Adding Physical Products

To add physical products to your web shop, follow the steps below.

Adding Products to PushCommerce

  1. Head to Products > Add New Product
  2. Select whether it is a Physical, Audio or Digital Product.
  3. Enter the Name of the product and the Price
  4. Untick the "Unlimited" box if relevant to enter the Quantity available.
  5. Tick the "Stock Visibility" box, if you would rather the product was not shown when it's out of stock.
  6. Enter in the “Details” section. This holds your product Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), Universal Product Code (UPC), Weight and VAT Rate.
    1. If shipping or price of products is dependent on weight, then you should apply the correct product weight here.
    2. Product Details Panel | PushCommerce
  7. Enter the "Product Descriptions", both Short and Full. The short description is displayed on some home pages (depending on your template) and the full description shows up on the Product detail page when the customer clicks the product.
  8. You can then add your product attributes. Attributes are Global labels like “Condition” or “Manufacturer”. They're not product options.
  9. Add "tags" to the product so visitors to your website can find it using the search bar on your website.
  10. Add any relevant Order Notes that may be applicable.
  11. Then click the Save button.

Once you are happy to start selling your new item change the status of the product to “Enabled” and hit Save” again.

Enable and Save on PushCommerce

Updating Products

If at any time you wish to edit or delete this product you can do so by clicking on the product on the “Products” page within your Shop's Admin area.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and press the Delete Product button.

If you wish to temporarily disable the Product all you need to do is edit the product and set the status as “Disabled/Hidden” then hit “Save”.

Product Status Settings |


Click Categories” and select which product this category applies too and press “Save”. To learn how to create a Category click here.

Product Category Selector


All products need an images so customers actually know what they're buying. To add an image to a product:

  1. Click Images > Image Manager
  2. Either select an image you have already uploaded or click “Choose File”
  3. Once you’ve selected your image click “Use Selected Images”.
  4. If you have more than one image for a product make sure you have toggled which image will display as the default by clicking the radio button under the relevant image.

Image Manager Selection

To add an ALT Tag to the image just click the Cog. To edit the image (crop, overly, sharpness, text, etc.) just click the Pencil icon.

If you have any queries in regards to adding product please get in touch with us on our Live Chat or via email.