Taking Orders Over The Phone

If a customer wishes to place an order over the phone head to your Shop's Admin area of your PushCommerce account.

Quick Guide

  1. Click "+ New Order" in the top right hand corner of any page in the shop's admin area.
    1. This will give you the option to step through the shopping cart as a customer would do in your shopfront.
  2. Click "+ Add Product" and search for the customer's desired product.
    1. Add a Coupon Code here if needed.
  3. When you are ready to continue just click "Continue With Order".
  4. At the check out you can register the caller as a New Customer if they provide their email address.
    1. You can check out as a Guest which will mean no customer record will be created.
    2. Alternatively, if your customer has an existing account then you can use the 'Find Customer' button and search by their name or email address.
  5. For New Accounts or Guest Accounts you'll need to take the customer's details such as their name and delivery address.
  6. Select a Shipping Method depending on the customer's requirements.
    1. And if applicable a delivery date.
  7. Select a Payment Method as per the customer's request.
    1. If they are paying by card you will need to enter card details that they provide.
    2. Click the "Email receipt" box if required.
  8. Finally, just click the Process Order button.

Other Details

Once you have completed the order you will be redirected to the Orders section of the platform.

If you entered the customer's email address into the details section above and selected that you would like to send a receipt your customer will receive confirmation within a few minutes.

If you set up a new account for your customer you can provide them with a password. We would suggest that the customer changes this password upon their first login to the system.

If any errors were made during the checkout process you can adjust these on the order detail page before marking the order as paid and/or shipped, dispatched, collected, etc.

It's good practice to add an internal note as a reminder to yourself and any colleagues that this is a manual order completed on behalf of the customer.

Finally, it's worth noting that you cannot opt customers in to your newsletter subscription on their behalf. They must do this themselves in order to comply with GDPR requirements.