Changing The Add to Basket Button Colour

The Add to Basket (or Cart/Bag) button is obviously a critical element in any eCommerce shop. It needs to be clear, eye-catching and on brand. So how do you change the colour to ensure all of these? 

  1. Login to your Online Shop.
  2. Navigate to Shop > Customize to go to the Shop Builder.
  3. Select the Product Page from the Page Selection drop down.    

  4. Enter the Product Block Config screen - hover in the Top Right corner of the Product Block to show the Trash Can and Cog. 
  5. Select the 'Colours' Tab from the Config screen.    

  6. Click the Colour block next to "Add to Basket" and change it to whatever you wish using the colour picker or by entering a specific hex or RGB code
  7. Click "Save Settings" on the Config Tab. 
  8. Hit "Publish Live" 

If you have any queries about this feature drop the Support Team a message on email or on Live Chat for assistance.