Product Option Buttons - Wishlist & Contact Us

There are a few product buttons that can be shown/hidden to add options for your prospective customers. These are the "Wishlist" button and "Contact Us About This" button. Here's how...

Wishlist/Contact Buttons

You need to be logged in and using the Content Builder under the "Customizer" menu option. 

Once you're in the Content Builder you need to select the Product Page from the drop down box:

Content Builder Page Selection

Open the Product Block Config using the cog:

Configuration Cog

This opens the Config menu on the left, select the Button tab:

Product Block Button Options

You can show/hide the Wishlist button and the Contact Us button and/or change the text that's shown within the button. 

Product Buttons

If you have any queries in regards to adding product please get in touch with us on our Live Chat or via email.