How to Manage Custom Product Attributes

Fields showing are GTIN, Condition, Banrd and MPN with option to make visible on Product page and category filter

Managing Attributes

To manage Custom Attributes in a product head to the your Shop's admin:

  • Select the "Product" menu option
  • Find and edit the relevant Product then
  • Scroll down to the Custom Attributes panel (shown above).

Attributes can be added using the New Attribute button and selecting an attribute from the drop down list or by entering a custom label in the text box.

Product Attributes List |


These Attributes are Global, e.g. they will be available to every product

Why Use Attributes?

Custom Product Attributes are needed for some integrations for example Google Shopping Feeds that require GTIN, MPN, Brand, Age Groups, etc.

They can also be useful for adding product information to help customers make informed decisions. These could be Condition, Flavour, Material, Pattern, Age Group, Gender and more.

You can also add your own attributes such as Picture Quality, Number of HDMI ports, Online or In Store Only information, etc.

Where to Use Attributes

Attributes by default show up on the Product Page and within the Category Page filters.

You can hide or show the attributes by clicking the 3 dots next to the attribute itself and unclick to hide from the product page or category page (filter)

Visibility options for Product Attributes on Product pages and Category pages