How To Use The Image Editor

How to use the Image Editor in your shop’s admin to adjust and modify Product Imagery

Editing Product Imagery

At some point you may need to edit or modify your product images; they may need rotating, colour adjustments, resizing or simply some text added. All of these tasks and more can now be completed by using our new built in Image Editor.

For information on managing and importing images take a look at our separate guide: Managing Images on your PushCommerce Shop

How to Access the Image Editor

To edit a Product Image, they first need to be added to as a product image. Head to your Product Page and either add or edit the relevant item.

Next select the Images menu from the Product Edit options.

Edit Product Menu Showing Images Menu Option | PushCommerce

Click the Add New Images button to open the Image manager and select the necessary pictures to assign to the product.

Once you've added (up to 15) images simply click the pencil icon to open the image editor.

Using the Image Editor

Image Editor top bar

Once the Image Editor opens you have various options as shown by the above picture. It's unlikely that you would ever need to use all of these options on one image but the choice is there if you so wish.


The Image Editor has 18 different filters that can be applied to your picture. These may be useful for continuity of your shop's aesthetic or to bring an anomalous picture inline with the rest of your product imagery. Of course, it should go without saying that any product image should be as close as possible to how it looks in real life. Try not to change the colours of the product too much as this may lead to some unhappy customers and potential returns.


Image resizing options | Image Editor | PushCommerce

This part of the Image Editor may be one of the most useful. The ability to resize images is inherently useful to keep the consistency of your product images across your online shop. On top of that, it allows you to maintain the image's aspect ratio e.g. when the width increases the height increases at the same rate.

You can either manually adjust the size (by pixels) or click the 'Use Percentages' box to increase or decrease by Percentages e.g. decrease to 75% or increase to 125%.

It's suggested that product images should be sized o 1024x1024 where possible, however rectangular images are also possible.


Crop Tool | Image Editor | PushCommerce

The Cropper is another popular tool. Allowing you to quickly and easily modify the image to either set ratios or manually change the size of the image shown. This is most useful when you have a lot of white space around the product image or need to cut out any unrelated items from the image. In addition, if you're pictures are all rectangular then using this cropper to put adjust them into a 16:9 or 5:3 ratio is quick and easy.


Transform | Rotate Product Images | PushCommerce

The Transform function is the quickest, easiest and most used part of the Image Editor. It's likely happened to almost every seller that 1 image out of 10 is rotated left or completely upside down. Once you've opened the image simply press the buttons on the left to rotate anti-clockwise or clockwise by 90 degrees. The right hand tools allow you to mirror the image either horizontally or vertically.

Note: that if you mirror the image that any text on the product will also be mirrored.


Draw Tool | Image Editor | PushCommerce

If you want to add some custom modifications to your images then the Draw tool may be what you need. You have a choice of a selection of colours, brushes and brush sizes for all of your Free Drawing wishes. Microsoft Paint who?


Text Options | Image Editor | PushCommerce

This, on the surface, is a pretty obvious tool. You can add text to images and also adjust the font type and colour. However, you're able to also adjust the text style, shadow, outline, background, texture, add a gradient and change the opacity of any text you've added. The image below shows the options that come up once you've added in your text to the text box.

Text Edit Options | Image Editor | PushCommerce

Note: You need to press 'Apply' prior to adjusting the Colour, Shadow, Background, etc. of any added text.


Shapes | Image Editor | PushCommerce

Various shapes for all of your image enhancement needs. Whether that's to add a 'sale' sticker, highlight certain product features with an arrow or add an 'approved' badge. Similar secondary adjustments can be made to any shapes you've added to the image as per text - with the exception of Text Style.

Note: You need to press 'Apply' prior to adjusting the Colour, Shadow, Background, etc. of any shapes added.


Stickers | Image Editor | PushCommerce

Embrace your inner Snapchat/Instagram persona and check out the Stickers section. There are a wide variety of stickers available from classic laugh-cry emoticons to the London Eye or Chat Bubbles. Again, these can be adjusted by colour, shadow, background, etc. as you see fit. Just remember to click Apply to open the secondary menu options.


Frames | Image Editor | PushCommerce

Does that image just shout "I need a frame to be complete"? Well, fear not, we've got you covered. Whether you need a basic 1 colour frame to highlight an item or you're going all out on a full 'artsy' or 'rainbow' frame, simply click the relevant one, adjust the size with the slider (& colour if relevant) and hit Apply to add it.

Merge, History & Layers

Finalising Tools | Image Editor | PushCommerce

Everyone makes mistakes at some point and for better or worse some of the changes you apply to an image are not able to be deleted by selecting it and hitting Delete.

So, to help you out if you do make a mistake the Editor has a 'History' option. The little clock with the arrow is where you'll find the history of the image, prior to the most recent Save.

If you've already hit the Green Save button then the changes are irreversible and you'll need to delete the image from the product and try again.

For this reason, it's strongly suggested that you're completely happy with the image before saving.

To further help this process, the Editor by default adds each new item as a separate layer (like Adobe). For example, the original image is layer 1, a sticker is layer 2, with text on layer 3. They will remain in their separate layers until you press Merge. At which point they will all become 1 layer ready for you to Save or revert by selecting a previous version via the 'History' option.

In brief; each entity is its own layer - hit Merge to make it 1 layer - click History to find previous versions.


Image Corners | Image Editor | PushCommerce

This tool has 1 job: to add a rounded corner to your image. You control how curved the corner is by using the Radius slider. Hit Apply once you're done and you're good to go.

The background tool is only applicable to new images. If you want to change the background padding of an image before upload then take a look at our how to guide for Image Background Colours.


Image Backgrounds | Image Editor | PushCommerce

The Background option does what it says on the tin; it changes the canvas background.

This is only applicable to new images that are being created within the Editor. It won't work on uploaded images.

For example if you add a Circle (under Shapes) to an existing image and change the background then the background behind the circle will change accordingly.

If you need any assistance or have any queries, let the PushCommerce Support team know on Live Chat or via email.