Multi Layer Categories

Parent & Child Categories

At some point you may need to add a sub category to your site. For example, if you are selling clothes online you may need to have a Category of "Mens" with a sub-category of "Trousers" or "Jackets".

In this example the Parent category would be "Mens" with the "Trousers" and "Jackets" being the Child category.

This is very simple to do on the PushCommerce platform, here's how:

  • Add all 3 categories individually as described above
  • Edit the 'Child' category and select the Parent category from the dropdown box.

Category Page with Parent Categories | PushCommerce

  • Hit the Save button and repeat as needed.
  • Note: categories can only go 3 levels deep. So
    • Clothing>Mens>Trousers (3 levels) is fine
    • Clothing>Mens>Trousers>Linen (4 levels deep) is not.

If you have any queries in regards to adding product please get in touch with us on our Live Chat or via email.