Updating Payment Status

Payment Statuses

Orders can have the following statuses:

  • Unpaid/Payment Due
  • Paid/Complete
  • Partially Paid
  • Over Paid
  • Refunded
  • Partially Refunded
  • Abandoned
  • Cancelled

Unpaid/Payment Due

All offline cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque and invoice payments are by default marked as unpaid. This is to protect you as a merchant to ensure you don't send out products out before being paid first!

Image of Unpaid notice


Once you have received funds or the order has been completed via Stripe, Paypal or another payment service the order will be marked as Paid. You can see this from the Order Overview page and also within the Order Detail. The form and amount of payment will be visible within the Payment Transactions Panel (shown below).

Payment Transactions Panel showing completed payment by Cash

Partially Paid/Over Paid

In the rare circumstances that a partial or over payment is processed, warning labels will be applied to the order. These are visible within the Order Detail page and on the Order Overview page.

Partially Paid Warning Label

Over Payment Warning Label

Note that the Overpayment is showing as 'Paid' with a warning to the right that (when hovered over) states "The Order total & Transaction total do not match."

If you need to refund an amount check our help document on how to do this here.

For Partial payments, you may need to add further funds. This can be completed by editing the relevant order and clicking the "New Transaction" button within the Payment Transactions Panel (shown in the Paid/Complete picture above).

Refunded/Partially Refunded

If some or all of the customer's payment has been refunded the following labels will be applied to the order. Further details of refunding is available here.

Partial refund warning label

Refunded label

If a customer has returned an item and requested a refund then you should also mark the the Shipping Status as Returned. This is useful for your own records to assess how many products/orders get returned.

You can do this through the Order Detail page under the Shipping/Fulfilment Panel:

Shipping & fulfilment panel showing Shipping statuses with Returned highlighted


Customer's may for whatever reason reach checkout and then abandon their basket prior to payment. Such orders will be marked as abandoned within the order detail and on the order overview page. Any information that may have been entered prior to this will be available to you and you can follow up with an email to check the reason why they abandoned or were unable to complete the order. This may include tempting them back with an offer, coupon code or simply a nudge back to the checkout.


Again, customers may well cancel their order prior to shipping for various reasons. You can mark an order as cancelled through the order detail page by clicking on the relevant order via the order overview page.

Click the "Order Actions" button and select "Cancel Order" option.

Order Actions with Cancel Order Option Highlighted

When cancelling an order you will receive two messages that you will need to select an option for. These are "Are you sure?" and "Almost there...?" (shown below):

Are you sure question following cancel order request

Replenish stock question regarding cancelling an order

Status label of Cancelled

Note: If the customer comes back to order the product you will need to create a new order as seen here.