Product Price Options

How to add and adjust prices shown on products

Product Pricing Options

You have some options when it comes to how you show your product pricing to the customer. These include the normal price to the customer, an On Sale Price, the Recommend Retail Price (RRP) and Including and Excluding VAT. You also have the option to add a Cost Price to each product for internal use.

Product Pricing Options Panel | PushCommerce


This is the normal selling price that the customer will see on the shop front.

On Sale Price:

If you wish to put an item on sale for whatever reason; to move excess or old stock, for a promotion or January sales, you can do this via the Product Edit page by adding a value to the relevant field.

This will automatically add an 'On Sale' label to the product picture on the Shop Front - as long as your template allows.

On Sale Product With Label | PushCommerce

With a Sales price added, the regular price has a strike-through and a note is added to tell the customer just how much they're saving by purchasing this item on sale.

Retail Price (RRP):

The Recommended Retail price is normally set by the Wholesaler or Manufacturer. Adding a figure in to this field will (once activated within Template Settings) show like this on the shop front with the RRP formatted with a 'Strikethrough'.

£99.99 (RRP: £ 14.99 )

Cost Price:

This is purely for internal usage and will not show on the shop front. It's up to your own processes and preference if you want to populate this field, but it is a handy reminder to make sure you don't discount too much on those January sales...

Product Pricing Options Panel | PushCommerce

Including and Excluding VAT

Within the Shop Customiser there is a drop-down menu called 'Template Settings'. This allows you to adjust a few, product related, options as you need to.

PushCommerce Template Settings |

You can see we can select whether to add the RRP and whether VAT/Tax is shown on product cards and listings.

Take a look at our help guide for more details on Template Settings.

If you do need to add VAT or Tax to your products then check out our help documents on Setting Up Tax and VAT and Setting up Worldwide/US State Tax

If you have any questions or can't find the answer you're looking for don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team on Live Chat or email.