Using Product Labels

Highlight Products with Product Labels

Product Labels

A product label is used to highlight a particular item for example a 'Staff Pick', a 'Best Seller', 'Exclusive Item' or similar.

These labels are great to let customers know that these products are special in some way.


You don't need to use these for products that are on Sale. This is a separate feature that can be set by adding a Sales Price in the Product Edit page.

How to Add Product Labels

Head to the "Product" option from your Shop's Admin area, then select or find the product that you want to add a label to.

Once you have added and saved the label, take a look at your shop's front-end (the customer view) and check that it's all okay. Ours looks like this:

Product Extras with Badge Option | PushCommerce

As always, if you have any queries then don’t hesitate to contact the team on our Live Chat or email.