SSL Certificates for your Online Shop

How to setup your SSL on your PushCommerce Online Shop

As with any online shop you will need to have an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate in place in order to take credit card transactions. This process is the same regardless of the platform you’re using and is a necessary step towards becoming a fully-fledged online shop.

If you subscribe to a PushCommerce Pro plan, we supply a single domain validated SSL certificate for you. However, there may be steps that we need you to take in order to get this set-up.

You will need to have an email address setup for admin@, administrator@, webmaster@, postmaster@, etc. If you need help setting this up you can check our Catch all Gmail setup help document here.

Different SSL Certificates

There are a wide variety of SSL certificates available with varying degrees of ‘validation’ required. These range from:

  • domain validation (low)
  • organisational (medium)
  • extended validation (high)
  • either cover a single domain (
  • multiple domains (, and or
  • have wildcard coverage e.g.

The higher the validation level the more paperwork involved, to the point of phone calls and a physical letter on the Extended Validation level. However, these come with the highest level of warranty protection (around $1.25m) if anything untoward occurs regarding the SSL Certificate plus some additional security benefits.

Every SSL certificate regardless of validation level will:

  • Increase your standing with Google,
  • Ensure high level security encryption,
  • Increase of perceived trust in your business,
  • Add a padlock next to your URL in the address bar,
  • Avoids the embarrassing ‘Not Secure’ message from Chrome and
  • Allows usage of the HTTPS:// prefix.

Paid SSL vs Free SSL

Although both paid and free SSLs give you the 'https' prefix for your site and a 256-bit encrypted connection the paid version gives you liability coverage if things go wrong (normally $5k up to $1.25m) as well as tech support as needed.

Also, the free SSL must be renewed every 60 to 90 days, meaning an extra bit of admin that you’ll need to do whereas the paid versions are for 1 year or 2 years.

Finally, the free SSL’s will only cover a single domain, so if you have a blog., shop. or other subdomain it won’t be covered. If you do have multiple subdomains or will have in the future then please let us know this as we'll need to look at either a multiple domain certificate or a Wildcard version. Please note that these are more expensive and will therefore come with an additional charge when purchased through PushCommerce.

If you receive a domain through PushCommerce

Just forward us the email you receive and we’ll set everything up for you. Super simple.

If you have your own domain already

You’ll need to have an email address setup for or similar (see above for examples) and send this email on to us at

We’ll then need you to add a TXT record to your domain name server (DNS).

We can do this for you if needed - please get in touch with us for a quote - otherwise follow the guidelines below.

Adding DNS TXT Records

If you have your own domain already then you’ll need to add a TXT record on your DNS to validate your SSL Certificate installation. This process may differ slightly depending upon which nameserver your domain is with. The TXT record won’t impact your site at all, it’s simply used to verify that you do indeed own the domain that’s being validated.

You can normally access your domain records in the domain CPanel or via ‘Manage my Domain’, ‘Manage my DNS’ or ‘DNS Records’. You will then need to add a new “TXT Record”.

The name will either be blank or an ‘@’ symbol depending on your nameserver; for example GoDaddy requires the @, does not. Your supplier should have a help document specifically for this.

The value will be stated within the email sent to your ‘admin@’ address. Just copy and paste this into the text field. Hit ‘Save’ or ‘Update’ and drop us a message to let us know.

This can take up to 24 hours but it’s normally updated quicker than that - again depending on your supplier.

Of course any questions or queries on this can be dealt with through our email or Live Chat.